Jail Inspector

In states with formal jail standards/inspection processes, State Jail Inspectors are employed by a state agency which has the authority to conduct periodic inspections of county-run jails. Jail inspectors are assigned the responsibility to assure that a jail's operations are consistent with state-promulgated jail standards. Duties include on-site audits of a jail's operations, preparing reports, developing recommendations, and follow-up to assess changes to any issues found in non-compliance. In addition, a jail may have a position designated as a Jail Inspector. Persons in this position are designated by the jail's leadership to conduct on-going audits and reviews to assure that the jail's operations are consistent with the jail's own policies/procedures, as well as any state jail standards, accreditation standards (e.g. ACA, NCCHC), and/or national standards (e.g., PREA). Duties may include developing assessment checklists, reviewing logs and related documents, observing operations, writing reports, developing recommendations, and assisting in the implementation of recommendations.

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Jails and Detention
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